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How to submit ur blog to Google search

Engineer rocks Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Hi, to increase traffic on your blog...or any kinda web page, you might be interested that it should appear on Google search engine... so that more people can find your web site.... Well the process is very simple as Google allows u to submit your site to there database, all u have to do is to follow these step:

Step 1:
First copy the URL u want to publish on Google.

Step 2:
Then go to the website below:

both these sites are used to add your site to Google data base!

Step 3:
On this page you'll see a input bar, on these pages.... paste your URL in there.

and the second one looks like:

Step 4:
Now all you need to do is to click submit blog button. and you are done THAT'S it!!!   Enjoy


Mr. Legit said...

wow this was great. i will submit my blog there now. check it out make money with your computer

leloma68 said...

Thanks So Much

Engineer rocks said...

Ur welcome.... glad u liked!!! also share

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