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This website completely provide u information on how u can start earning through Google Adsense program. It is a complete guide for the beginners. And anyone is eligible for participating in Adsense. All u need is to follow some simple steps... read more

Submit ur site to Google search

To increase traffic on ur blog...or any kinda webpage, u might b interested that it should appear on google search engine... so that more people can find ur web site.... Well the process is very simple as google allows u to submit ur site to there database.... read more

Adsense revenue sharing sites!

Google adsense not not is applicable for blog sites but also for revenue sharing site like: Flixya or Docstoc etc in this way u can earn more revenue and get the best out of Google adsense.... read more

Theory Behind Adsense!

The simple concept behind adsense is that google pay u for the ads you display on your websites and each time visitor clicks on the ads you get paid!

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Engineer rocks Sunday, July 31, 2011


Finally got a cheque for my first earnings

Engineer rocks Sunday, June 12, 2011
finally i recieved a cheque for my earnings from fanbox! ^_^ ..... check this link for info if u wanna earn too: 

Hello Everyone,
I am writing this post to let you guys know that i have finally joined the stream of those people who have successfully earned through Internet!.....I have also attached the picture in this post!
Today i am so much happy because i finally recieved a cheque from "FANBOX"....... Its been a long time i have been working on this site!..... writing blogs and interesting stories.... I started my account about 6 months back (on about 14 September, 2010)... i didnt know how to earn money and then all of a sudden i came through this site and i thought to give it a try... so i jumped for it..... i've worked on google adsense but they disabled my account, for unknow reasons (googl*e suck)..... But i must admitt fanbox is "THE" coolest site for earning online!.... Dont miss this chance, if you are reading this blog and are not signed up for this site... then trust me.... dont miss this opportunity and start earning today!.....
I made my cash out request on 18th March, 2011 and i got it on 14 April, 2011 since each month cash out requests are processed on 31th of that month so basically i got my cheque in 14 days!....
I have attached some photos of the cheque i recieved today.... do have a look!

Cheque Details:

I cashed out $332  and (i dont know why but may be) because of taxes and shipment charges i got $264.99 below are some of the pics i took.....

cheque front
cheque back
fanbox cheque
fanbox cheque

*I have hide the personal information so that it can not be missused
finally i recieved a cheque for my earnings from fanbox! ^_^ ..... check this link for info if u wanna earn too: http://bit.ly/j3rLnk

Poster I made to promote my Blog!

Engineer rocks Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Publicizing your blog is not an easy task you have to do a lot of effort to collect readers that are interested in your blog....

So making a banner is a good effort to start marketing your site ..... this is my banner i made to give exposure to my blog site: Have a look!

You can make your own to collect users and increase your traffic on blog. Moreover use impressive lines and quotes so that people will be more attracted. If you create your own poster then do send me on post the link on the comment section below!.... Also please follow my blog thanks

Finally got Adsense PIN code

Engineer rocks Tuesday, September 21, 2010 , , , , ,
Finally i got my adsense PIN code today from Google ..... this pin is to verify your adsense account, when your account earnings reaches 10$ amount... Google send u this PIN for verification!.... Here are some pics of how it looks like!!.......

Well as you can see this is a type of post card!!.... on the front information related to address and zip-codes are written.... and on the back there is "GOOGLE" printed.... and the envelope is sealed and inside it there is information related to adsense account and PIN in imprinted which is used in your account to remove hold. So, excited today! ^_^

How to submit ur blog to Google search

Engineer rocks Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Hi, to increase traffic on your blog...or any kinda web page, you might be interested that it should appear on Google search engine... so that more people can find your web site.... Well the process is very simple as Google allows u to submit your site to there database, all u have to do is to follow these step:

Step 1:
First copy the URL u want to publish on Google.

Step 2:
Then go to the website below:


both these sites are used to add your site to Google data base!

Step 3:
On this page you'll see a input bar, on these pages.... paste your URL in there.

and the second one looks like:

Step 4:
Now all you need to do is to click submit blog button. and you are done THAT'S it!!!   Enjoy