Poster I made to promote my Blog!

Engineer rocks Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Publicizing your blog is not an easy task you have to do a lot of effort to collect readers that are interested in your blog....

So making a banner is a good effort to start marketing your site ..... this is my banner i made to give exposure to my blog site: Have a look!

You can make your own to collect users and increase your traffic on blog. Moreover use impressive lines and quotes so that people will be more attracted. If you create your own poster then do send me on post the link on the comment section below!.... Also please follow my blog thanks

Finally got Adsense PIN code

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Finally i got my adsense PIN code today from Google ..... this pin is to verify your adsense account, when your account earnings reaches 10$ amount... Google send u this PIN for verification!.... Here are some pics of how it looks like!!.......

Well as you can see this is a type of post card!!.... on the front information related to address and zip-codes are written.... and on the back there is "GOOGLE" printed.... and the envelope is sealed and inside it there is information related to adsense account and PIN in imprinted which is used in your account to remove hold. So, excited today! ^_^

How to submit ur blog to Google search

Engineer rocks Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Hi, to increase traffic on your blog...or any kinda web page, you might be interested that it should appear on Google search engine... so that more people can find your web site.... Well the process is very simple as Google allows u to submit your site to there database, all u have to do is to follow these step:

Step 1:
First copy the URL u want to publish on Google.

Step 2:
Then go to the website below:

both these sites are used to add your site to Google data base!

Step 3:
On this page you'll see a input bar, on these pages.... paste your URL in there.

and the second one looks like:

Step 4:
Now all you need to do is to click submit blog button. and you are done THAT'S it!!!   Enjoy

Adsense revenue sharing sites!

Engineer rocks Thursday, September 9, 2010 , ,

100 % Adsense Revenue Sites
Can share video, photo and blog. The Revenue Sharing is 100%.
Bizpreneur is another social network that allow us to put our Adsense code in the profile page
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Rewards all users who upload media with Google revenue share!!! 100% of all revenue generated from your videos is yours!!! The more you upload, the more adsense driven pages you get.
Videos and play list using your adsense information. If anyone clicks on those ads, money goes directly to your account.

60% - 80% Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites
For every post you create, you get the benefit of 70% of the ads displaying using your AdSense account. If you send people here using your referral link, and they sign up, you get an additional 10% on any of the posts they make, and they still get 70%!
Photographers submitting photos to Free range Stock can now participate in revenue sharing system.This is implemented through Google AdSense, and will allow you to keep 80% of the advertising revenue.
A Hub is a rich web page or article that you write and design on a single, fairly specific topic (like How to teach a child to ride a bike or Snicker doodle recipe). You can write as many Hubs as you like, each on a different topic. You have the capability to add text, pictures, videos, maps, polls, quizzes, links and more in your Hubs.

50% Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites
Revenue Sharing Community with friends, discussing the latest news, meeting new people, becoming famous on the web, creating your own unique blog and earning money from Google AdSense ad rotations.
Amazing job of bringing in traffic making it a great place for you to write and a great place to check out. Here you can write anything you want, and make 50% of the Google Adsense impressions.
Here you can write tutorials or how to articles.
Here you can write tutorials or how to articles. It doesn't have a lot of traffic, but with a little promotion, you can make money with it.
Here you can write tutorials or how to articles and has a lot of traffic.
Become an author and publish your articles to drive traffic to your website or blog

How to register a domain name

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Today I'm gonna tell you how you can register for a domain name.... Now what is a domain: a domain is a sever which stores your website, its data and everything.... now there are to types of domains, some of the domains are those for which you don't have to pay monthly or yearly and second is the type for which you have to pay....

Examples of free domains are,, etc.... these are the site which provide you free domain name and cost you nothing... On the other hand paid domains are like :, etc... in order to get such domains you have to pay!....
Now here is a list of some domains which provide you free domain name and also they provide you paid domains of your custom domains:

All of these sites provide u free and paid web-hosting. And there are thousands of such websites which provide u ur own domains... a few of them are listed above!!!

Proof of my Adsense earnings!

Engineer rocks
Hi everyone today I'm gonna show you a screen shot of my Google adsense account ... this a proof for you guys..and also an encouraging effort... so that you guys could have your own account for adsense and make money online....

Well I'm new to adsense, working on this for now about 6 days and i made 14.33$'s a screen shot:

My latest adsense screen shot:

I hope you guys are convinced by my effort.... the thing is that all you hav to do is to get views and clicks on the goolgle ads.... you cannot click on your own ads cause you will get your adsense account block!!.... and the ways on how you can gather people and get views is described below!!.... thanks 4 reading!!

How to make money

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Now when you have got a google adsense and a website .... even now how can you make money???
Well the earning you make is from the views you get... now the important thing is that how to get views of your page???
There are different ways i discuss these ways in this post!!!.......

1) Indulge Yourself in communities:

This is the first way to get views.... when  you interact with more people....they came to know that you have a site and they just give you a visit.... so you got views from them....Just in case they also click on your ads that are previewing along the site.... you get paid each time!!!....

2) Join social networking sites:

You need to join community site like facebook or twitter...etc so that you intract with people online.... post your link to the website to get views....

3) Join Pages and groups:

On these sites you can join pages, groups and add friends.... so that you can give link to all of them.... and thus get views..... reply to the people who post comments on your link this also gives a better impression!!....

4) Give your web link on forums:

Join forums and paste your links there.... also you can make an advertisement and post it on different ad managing site to increase views!!!....

5) Advertise your page:

Use web-pages like "olx" to publish a free classified ad to gain more views.... this is also a good way to attract users....

Most inportant is that you should hav a real contant your own creation.... cause people attract to new stuff!!!

How to signup for Google adsense

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In this post I'm gonna tell you how to set up a Google adsense account..... if you are a user from USA, US, any other country in Europe or America... then here are the steps.....

1) Go to any of the following pages and sign-up!!...

Now first you have to sign yourself up for a website.... on which you can upload data and information that belongs to you and only you.... because Google likes people adding new stuff... now the first site is: here you can upload your posts.... on any kinda topic relating songs, movies and stuff like that....e-g:

Now another site is: , you can sign-up here and this site itself asks you to make an adsense account if you don't have... so u can use this site to make your adsense account, this site is basically about networking. All you have to do is to upload pictures, videos, blogs, and stuff like that and there you go adsense gives you money for each view of any of your files!!....e-g:

Another site is: this is very much similar site to that of flixya... but it is different in a manner that you have to upload documents like .txt, .pdf, .doc, .... etc... and adsense gives u money for each view of that document!!...

 Note that u can use any of the above links to sign up... more than one can b used later..!!!

2) Using blogger, Signing up for adsense:

Now if you have signed up using blogger you have to go to this link to sign up for adsense:

it will ask u about your blog page: paste it there it will b like:
then fill in the information and accept all the terms and conditions...and submit your application. Google will review your application and will approve your account in 1-2 days.... then u can start making money with that blogger.

Does adsense gives money???

Engineer rocks Friday, September 3, 2010 ,
Most of the people are confused that does Google adsense really gives money to its account holders??
the truth is that Google do pay them!!.... But what they have to do is to gather more and more traffic to there site.... In this way more views of there webpage and more clicks on the ads appearing.... so more money they make..... I remember when i start my adsense account i got approx. 1$ on the first day.... and i got 150 vies of my page.....

So, if anyone is confused about the paying of adsense ..... it is real.!!! Trust me.....


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You might have heard that people are making huge money with google adsense ..... this is true ...... well there are some steps involved which I'm gonna explain!!...

1) Google is not providing any new accounts to many countries of Asia...due to violation of terms and conditions.... people from these countries click on there own ads just to make money that's y Google is not permitting more accounts....

2) But in fact you can make money .... you have to get a Google adsense account from some one who sells it..... it will a small investment but i can assure you that you will recover it within a month!!...