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How to signup for Google adsense

Engineer rocks Saturday, September 4, 2010 , , , , , , , , , , ,
In this post I'm gonna tell you how to set up a Google adsense account..... if you are a user from USA, US, any other country in Europe or America... then here are the steps.....

1) Go to any of the following pages and sign-up!!...

Now first you have to sign yourself up for a website.... on which you can upload data and information that belongs to you and only you.... because Google likes people adding new stuff... now the first site is: here you can upload your posts.... on any kinda topic relating songs, movies and stuff like that....e-g:

Now another site is: , you can sign-up here and this site itself asks you to make an adsense account if you don't have... so u can use this site to make your adsense account, this site is basically about networking. All you have to do is to upload pictures, videos, blogs, and stuff like that and there you go adsense gives you money for each view of any of your files!!....e-g:

Another site is: this is very much similar site to that of flixya... but it is different in a manner that you have to upload documents like .txt, .pdf, .doc, .... etc... and adsense gives u money for each view of that document!!...

 Note that u can use any of the above links to sign up... more than one can b used later..!!!

2) Using blogger, Signing up for adsense:

Now if you have signed up using blogger you have to go to this link to sign up for adsense:

it will ask u about your blog page: paste it there it will b like:
then fill in the information and accept all the terms and conditions...and submit your application. Google will review your application and will approve your account in 1-2 days.... then u can start making money with that blogger.


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